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How do habits affect the quality of our life?  

The more good habits we create, the more productive, happy, and successful we become. We all have daily habits, and these are reflected in the actions we take daily, be it brushing our teeth, walking the dog, or buying newspapers each day. Daily habits are known as our behavioral habits and contribute to our overall sense of health and well-being. 

If you want to start living an amazing life, you need to incorporate good habits into your day. Our lives consist of little habits that we do every day and that we hardly think about. By adopting good habits that make you healthy and happy, you will be prepared to have more joy in good times and be able to cope better with the hard times.    

Adding a new habit has the potential to change your life in a big way. Part of getting rid of bad habits is trying to cultivate daily habits to improve life. The way your alarm clock goes off and you think, “I’m a morning person” or “Noo snooze,” replace those bad habits with healthy ones.  

Your unconscious daily habits create space for your brain to perform advanced activities such as problem solving and analysis. Many good habits allow you to carry out important activities such as showering, brushing your teeth, and preparing for work. Start working on one habit after another and work on it every single day for a while until it becomes automatic.    

Habits you hardly notice until they become an important part of your life, such as brushing your teeth and dressing up. Good habits lead you to live your best life and are fundamental to becoming successful and happy. 

Top 10 habits to improve your life

The best habits to be successful are healthy eating, exercise, and reading books. As it turns out, setting good habits is an effective way to achieve our goals and helps us stay focused and organized. Good habits are anchored in our brains, and we are closer to our goals when we think about them.    

In this article, I share a host of simple, practical tips for clearing the clutter from our lives – the physical stuff that fills our homes, the psychological stress of an overloaded schedule, and the lack of balance.    

It is a good idea to spend some time thinking about the habits you want to develop and what is important to you. I have categorized these habits and turned a list of the best habits into an easy-to-read, easy-to-use resource. There are a number of great habits such as brushing that help you to be more successful, happier, and less stressed. 

Many of these lists may seem like a bit of common sense, but if you try to combine a few of them with something you don’t do routinely or every day, you’ll be surprised at how big their impact on your life can be. Try these 10 habits and rituals: they trigger joy, and they helped me feel less miserable and tiring. Create something happy without stress and you will have more emotional stability, more friends, and fewer health complications.    

Stay hydrated

Drinking more water has become one of the easiest habits to develop and affects overall health. I shouldn’t even be telling you this.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping well has many positive benefits. A night of good sleep can help you gain energy and it’s easier to make better decisions and learn new things when you’re completely awake and in the moment.

Smile More

You don’t have to say “cheese” all the time to have a good personal habit. You just need to stay calm and not frown all the time (no matter how stressful things get). 

Eat healthy

With just one healthy meal replacement (salad, vegetable soup, smoothie), you will give yourself more energy and protect yourself from future diseases such as cancer.

Deep breathing

A liberated, controlled breath before falling asleep helps your body to relax and helps your mind to empty itself and put itself into a calm, meditative state. This will not only help you sleep better and push the mental reset button, but you will also feel relaxed and clear-headed when you wake up. 

Exercise Regularly

It isn’t a good idea to get used to sitting for long hours every day. Try to integrate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts into your daily habits. 


Spend some time with a pen and try to write as much as possible. Writing is a real stress booster and it also helps in the better regulation of one’s emotions. When I write every day, it brings me joy and makes my life less miserable.    

Positive Thinking

We can’t control everything in our lives, but try to think positively is one of my favorite daily habits to improve my life. 

Read books

The more stuff you read, the smarter and happier you get. Reading books is directly proportional to developing one’s mindset. So don’t choose to ignore this healthy habit that can change your life and do wonders for you.

Maintain healthy relationships

This might sound cliche but the foundation of one’s life lies in the quality of their relationships. The happier you are in your bond with your friends, family, and romantic partner, the more you will be happy in your life in general.


Every now and then I tend to develop a daily habit that improves my life in a positive way. In this article, I had listed down 10 of these habits and shown you how they can improve your mental and physical health and your overall well-being. Maintaining these habits will improve your overall quality of life and give your life real meaning.  

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