5 Best Exercises To Increase Height in Augmented Reality!

Why is exercise necessary for proper growth?

Exercise is one particular thing you need to do to make sure you maximize your growth potential. Incorporating activities such as swimming, yoga, jogging, and dance into everyday life helps a lot.  Here in this blog, we will present our altitude growth exercises that you should add to your fitness routine as soon as possible.  

How does exercise help in increasing height?

Practicing certain exercises can help tighten and strengthen your leg muscles. With proper nutrition and good stamina, stretching exercises to increase body size can also strengthen your immunity and promote the growth of the body. However, I would advise against starting any form of exercise without consulting a doctor to determine whether it is suitable for you or not.    

Let’s start by noting that there are no studies that prove that exercise and stretching can increase your height. It may be a possibility in your teenage years, but there is no substantial evidence that increasing height through exercise in adulthood will make a difference.    

The first thing we need to do to activate our growth hormone-releasing glands to increase body size is to maintain the right type of diet. According to experts, we can achieve positive results with prolonged use of this combination if we combine the right diet with the right exercises to increase body height.    

A proper diet that keeps your growth hormones fresh and active will help you increase your height. It will also help to rebuild the growth hormones responsible for the increase in body size. This results from the effects of some exercises and a good protein intake that you can add to your height.    

Pelvis shifts target the spine and lower hips to minimize the negative consequences of sitting for hours. Prolonged sitting changes the shape of the spine, which is associated with muscle imbalances that affect the growth of the body. The shape changes caused by sitting for a long time can negatively influence the growth of the body. So always keep your body active and take small breaks when you have to sit for too long.

Below are some growth exercises that you should add to your fitness routine if you want to increase your height: 

Playing Basketball and Stretching!

Do lateral stretches, and remember to pull your muscles from the side, lower back, and shoulders for better results. Stretching the hips and feet is good for stretching the lower body. During side stretching, make sure that you feel the muscles pull from the sides, lower back, and shoulders to increase height growth.    


Swimming increases body size by stretching ligaments, tendons, and the spine. 


Hang on a horizontal bar and keep arms, shoulders and hips relaxed while the body is pulled down by gravity. 


Jogging is another important exercise that helps in improving body size as it lengthens the length of the legs.       

Cobra Pose

In the same way, Cobra Pose helps to strengthen the muscles of the chest and spine.  

How can cobra poses and asanas help in increasing your height?

Gravity affects your height by compressing your spine and joints and giving you a shorter appearance. Cobra Stretches improve mobility by stretching the spine, shoulders, chest, and abdomen. They also treat lower back conditions such as herniated discs and sciatica. With the help of cobra poses and asanas, growing cartilage is present in the vertebrae, which can lead to a gain in height.    

It adds depth to your abdomen and stretches your spine by adding inches to your height. It is a common stretching that helps the muscles in the calves to stretch and relax.    

Can hanging from a swinging bar help in increasing your height?

One of the best ways to tackle your height problem is to hang on to a swinging pole. First, place a bar one to two centimeters above your height so that you have room in your body for movement.    

Eight times, bop on the left leg with your hands pointing toward the sky and bounce the same way on the right leg. This standing stretch has a difference: Instead of putting both legs in the stretch, keep both legs connected and do the opposite of the previous one.      

How can swimming help in height increment?

When it comes to exercises to increase body size, swimming seems to be at the top of most people’s minds. As a whole-body exercise, it is the most intense form of movement that can be exercised in water. For those who have the privilege of having a swimming pool in their home, country swimming is an alternative exercise for increasing body size.      

Can mild exercises like jumping and running increase one’s height?

Running, jumping, squatting, swimming, puppy keeping, rope jumping are some of the best exercises to increase height. Studies have proven this and you can try the above exercises to increase body size at home. Follow these exercises for a few months and notice the visible difference. 

Jumping triggers every cell in the body from head to toe and makes them more active. With rope jumping you jump up and down like in many fun games, so it is one of the best altitude-enhancing exercises.

Do the various online apps actually help in increasing one’s height?

In combination with these great training tips, height-enhancer apps can  also help you improve your height. Whether you are male or female, you will definitely find a height-enhancing exercise that suits you. These apps provide you with some of the shortest and most effective exercises in the app to help you train at home and get bigger.


There is no 100% guarantee of success with any method of increasing body size. The best way to increase altitude is to work on your increasing altitude drive and inoculate a natural altitude increase through exercise. And most importantly, keep your body moving and having a nutritious diet.   

In the famous words of Michael Jordan from his 1997 NBA Championship Interview with ABC Sports:

“I have failed and failed and failed, which is EXACTLY why I succeed!”

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