Nike vs Adidas – What Are The 5 Most Iconic Movie Sneakers of All Time? 🤾🏾‍♂️

Films and Fashion go hand in hand. Brands have a history of working with filmmakers showcasing their products in films. Whether we are talking about a red carpet dress or simple sportswear. 

Some of the top sneakers have featured in a lot of popular films whereas others are for the commercial sales of the products. What is for sure is that all these sneakers are memorable. They act as a catalyst in creating an obsession for sportswear.

Top 5 Movie Iconic Sneaker Must for your Wardrobe

It is crazy how a sneaker can become so synonymous with movies. For decades, movies and sneakers have been in collaboration. Without further ado, let us explore the top 5 iconic movie sneakers that appeared on the big screen. 

Nike Air MAG and Back to the Future 1989

In 1989 Back to the Future Part II, audiences were taken away when Marty stepped down from the Time Machine. She threw on a fancy pair of Nike Air MAG along with the power laces. Moreover, the movie left an imprint on devout fans and sneakerheads. The extraordinary pair of shoes lifted the spirit of the movie rendition in 2015. 

Nike first released its first-gen Nike MAG in 2011 and also raised about $5.6  million for charity. Later, it released its second generation of the MAG with those power laces. To keep the hype up, they only had 100 pairs of such extraordinary shoes. One such pair also sold for more than $100k at an auction- So, good luck having hands on one!

Nike Classic Cortez and Forrest Gump

Loved one of the best American movies of all time, Forrest Gump? Well, if you are a fan, you would not have been able to resist the urge to yell “Lieu-ten-NANT DAN!” For those who have watched the film, you must have seen the unboxing of red, blue, and white Nike Classics. 

Nike made a complete re-launch in 2015 on Cortez. However, it was a little different from what Forrest Gump wore in the movie. In later years, the brand also released a more fitted version of the Nike Classic, although it looks pretty similar to the original. Their price is about above $100 on eBay and other platforms. Have them if you are willing to fork on your cash!

PF Flyers and The Sandlot

Do you remember the American Classic- The Sandlot? The PF Flyers in the set brought nostalgia to the movie. Back in those days, these were perfect for athletes. The scene shows the movie star, Benny who prepares to face his opponent shows his secret weapon- a pair of PF Flyers. As it is said, PF Flyers are known as “shoes guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher.”

When the movie was released in 1993, the PF Flyers were almost extinct. Thus, the brand did not benefit directly from the movie financially in any aspect. The shoes in the movie were only used to add nostalgia and not play as a commercial to generate revenues. Later in 2003, they re-launched the brand with an outstanding fashion paying homage to “The Sandlot shoe”.

Air Jordan XIs and Space Jam

Space Jam was released in 1996, the time when Michael Jordan’s career was a little towards decline. Yet, he was regarded as one of the top basketball players to step foot on the court! His Air Jordan was featured in the movie, in cartoons, and almost everywhere! Still, even when Jordan does not play anymore, Nike releases new Jordans every now and then. 

This Space Jam Air Jordan is the most respected and highly regarded Jordans of all time. Even more so, the retro OGs can fetch about $400- $900 on eBay. Later, with the release of the sequel of the Space Jam, Nike announced another release of this exclusive Space Jam Air Jordan. Want to get hands on one of them? If you are lucky, you can expect to pay around 220 bones for one pair of Air Jordan.

Adidas “Team Zissou” and The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic is absolutely an incredible film. Starring Bill Murray as oceanographer Steve Zissou, this movie is a beautiful tale of love and life at the sea. Besides these, the beauty of the movie lies in the exploration of the unknown that one can experience. However, enough about the movie, let us talk about the Adidas shoes it featured!

The moviemakers feature the Adidas “Team Zissou” shoes that are absolutely extraordinary and gorgeous. These shoes got the perfect unboxing, and appealing close-up shots with Zissou jumping around, expressing, “These are great”. However, Adidas has not yet come up with the official “Team Zissou” shoes. But, you can get a little convincing rendition by the folks of ZissouShoes for 200 bucks. 

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