‘Red Notice’ dethrones Bird Box on Netflix: Becomes No. 1 💥❤️‍🔥

‘Red Notice’ 2021 dethrones Bird Box on Netflix- Becomes No. 1

Introduction- Is Red Notice the most watched movie on Netflix?

After its Friday premiere, Netflix’s new big-budget action film “Red Notice” is breaking records for the streaming service.

Netflix announced on Tuesday that the film received 148.72 million hours of viewing from Friday to Sunday, making it the company’s best opening weekend ever for a film, and that it reached No. 1 in over 90 countries during the weekend.

In its Q3 financial release, Netflix said that it would begin reporting viewing hours for its titles rather than the number of subscribers who watched. Previously, if an account viewed at least two minutes of a TV or movie, it was considered a view.

With 282 million hours seen in its first month, “Bird Box” was Netflix’s most watched movie by viewing time (“Extraction” is its biggest movie based on the number of households, with 99 million watching it in the first month).

However, based on its opening weekend, “Red Notice” is on track to top “Bird Box.”

About the stats of ‘Red Notice’ movie on Netflix

Red Notice, a new action/comedy from filmmaker Rawson Marshall Thurber, premiered on Netflix earlier this month and had the largest opening day for any film on the platform. In a worldwide adventure involving art thieves, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot star in the film. Despite the film’s low Rotten Tomatoes reviewers’ score, audiences appear to be loving it. 

The film entered Netflix’s Top 10 Most Popular English Films of All Time this week, with 277.9 million hours viewed since its premiere on Nov. 12 — and it has climbed to No. 2 in just 10 days. In addition, “Red Notice” has cracked Netflix’s Top 10 in all 94 countries for the second week in a row. 

However, the film had a 36 percent Rotten Tomatoes critic score, indicating that it was not well received by critics. However, it garnered a 92 percent approval rating from the audience.

“‘Red Notice’ is weak and uninteresting, and does more to illustrate the flaws of each of its headlining idols than to promote their bankable appeal,” Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson observed.

In 2019, Variety reported that the budget for “Red Notice” might reach $200 million, making it Netflix’s most costly film ever (IMDb cites the production budget at $160 million).

According to Variety, stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot each received $20 million paychecks, while Dwayne Johnson earned more as both a performer and a producer on the film.

Johnson and Thurber hailed the news that Red Notice had been viewed by 150 million people last week, and it appeared like they were on their way to become Netflix’s most-watched film. According to Johnson’s newest Instagram post, the film has officially surpassed Bird Box as the most successful film on the streaming site.

Role of Dwayne Johnson in the movie

Johnson’s federal agent persona in Red Notice is on the lookout for Reynolds’ art thief. Thurber previously noted, “[Dwayne portrays an] FBI profiler who specialises in art crime.” “He’s on the lookout for Ryan Reynolds, who plays the world’s most sought art thief. Gal Gadot portrays this enigmatic figure in the world of art. High-jinks ensue, as the saying goes.”

Star Dwayne Johnson’s grateful post on the news

According to star Dwayne Johnson, Netflix’s Red Notice has become the streaming service’s most-watched movie of all time. Johnson celebrated the film’s accomplishment on Instagram on Thursday, toasting with a glass of his own Teremana tequila.

The 49-year-old former WWE wrestler expressed gratitude to his supporters. During his address, he stated, “Guys, you have made Red Notice into a genuinely iconic, worldwide, and cultural phenomenon.” “In just 11 days, you’ve made Red Notice the most popular Netflix film ever.” You’re also creating Red Notice, like an unstoppable force, Netflix’s most-watched film or television property in its history.”

The Rock then raised the glass to his fans, took a sip, and said, “That is good sh*t.”

Johnson has a lot to be happy about this week, and it’s not just the success of Red Notice. Johnson has been declared the winner of The People’s Champion Award, as well as being nominated for “The Male Movie Star of 2021” at the upcoming People’s Choice Awards for his work in Jungle Cruise. 

The well-deserving star of the show

Johnson has earned a well-deserved victory. The self-proclaimed “Dwanta Claus” is always willing to help others. He even went viral last week for a touching video in which he gave a fan a new truck. Johnson used Twitter to share a video of himself surprising fans at a Red Notice showing. One member of the audience, though, was in for a particularly pleasant surprise.

Oscar Rodriguez, a Navy veteran and personal trainer who looks after his mother and volunteers to support women who have been victims of domestic abuse, was summoned to the stage by The Rock and given his new wheels.

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