The History of Queen Elizabeth in 3D

The royal family of England is a world- wide popular family and that is why we will discuss about the very famous member of this family and that is Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth is known one of the popular family member of the royal family of England and that is why it is quite interesting to know about the history of Queen Elizabeth II. There are lots of amazing facts regarding her that we will know in this article and Queen Elizabeth is also popular because she has ruled her kingdom for a long time. 

The famous Queen Elizabeth II is known for her long reign as she has been ruling it since 1952 and it clearly means that it has been quite a long period. The Queen of England or you can call the United Kingdom which constitutes of England, Scotland, wales and Northern Island has been all ruled by Queen Elizabeth II and also she is the head of Common wealth countries which includes 53 sovereign nations that were formerly the part of or colonised by the British. India was also a part of Common wealth country as we were colonised by Great Britain. 

Another reason that makes her so popular is that she has taken politics quite seriously and also has been part of many ceremonial duties and this not only ends over here as she is also known for changing or modernising the various aspects of the monarchy because she believed that with changing times many things need to change and so does the aspects of monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II understood the fact that in order to rule for such a long time she need to understand the modernization and its changing demands and that is what make her so unique. In September 2015 she became the largest ruling monarch in the history of British by surpassing Queen Victoria.

You will be interested to know that the year 2002 was marked as the golden period of Queen Elizabeth II because she has completed her 50 years on the throne which was of course a big achievement but at that time she even witnessed the death of her mother and even sister and because of which she was not able to celebrate her golden jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II has marked her spectacular years all because she has knowledge of how to run the government and about politics which means that she lived up to the expectation of her people.

The Queen Elizabeth II also known for engaging in to programmes like visits to schools and charities and being social and also is known for leading the nation in the Remembrance and the celebratory events all these things makes her a spectacular ruler and also because of all these contributions not only her country people but also all the members of the royal family supports her. She always says and also it has been seen that to her voluntary and public services means a lot and has been actively participating in to all this as she believes this helps her in engaging with her people and also she knows what is going around in the country.

She has always been supported by her family members and she has often said that is what makes her life is easy and build confidence in her because she has full support from her family and because of that she has achieved everything and also because she has become what she is today because of her family and also because of the faith that the people have shown in her.

The Queen of England that is Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926 and was the elder daughter of Prince Albert that was Duke of York and his wife was Lady Elizabeth Bowes- Lyon. You would be shocked to know that Queen Elizabeth II did not have much chance of becoming the heir to the throne until her uncle i.e. Edward VIII abdicated in the favour of her father and that was when she became the heir to the royal throne and then after the declining health of her father she overtook the throne and has become one of the most popular monarch of the royal family with the largest reigning period in the British monarchy. 

In 1961 the Queen Elizabeth II made her first royal British tour to the Indian sub- continent that also in 50 years and also Queen Elizabeth II was the first one from the royal family who ruled to visit South America in 1968 and also the Persian Gulf countries in 1979. She got married to Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark on 20th November, 1947 and after a few years of her marriage she became the ruler of the British monarchy and is still ruling the throne till date. Queen Elizabeth II has created history not only because she has been the longest reigning British monarch but also because of her works she has created her name in history.

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