Top 10 Most Unique Places on Google Earth in 3D 🌏 💚

Open your Google maps too often to go somewhere? Google Earth has images compiled together from different sources, satellites, researches, etc. The satellites take snapshots of low-resolution photos from thousands of miles above on the Earth. 

10 Most Unique Places Found on Google Earth

Further, there are certain satellites that have high-resolution pictures by being closer to the earth’s surface. Moreover, aerial photos or aerial shots are taken with the help of airplanes, drones, kites, etc. This image can be accessed by anyone who has downloaded the software. Archaeologists have also taken advantage of these resources to get their work done. 

When you look into Google Earth and look into different places on the map, you will come across some of the strangest and weirdest places on Google Earth. It can be the street views or land with some uniqueness or a waterbody or even a simple name written in huge letters visible to the satellites.

Today, to keep the mood light and easy, we shall look upon some of the most unique places on Google Earth. Scroll down to check if you know about any of these places.

There are plenty of places on the Earth that can crack you up! Whether they have a funny name or a funny structure- places can be funny! So, here is the list of the funniest places on Google Earth.

Island in a Lake with a Volcano

When you see this on Google Earth, you will realize that this is such a mouthful and an eye-full place. It is an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island. Google Earth has captured this island picture that exhibits an island inside the crater lake. This is on a renowned island Volcano Island in a lake known as Lake Taal on the Tuzon Island of the Philippines. This was regarded as the largest phenomenon on the Earth and thus was spied upon by Google Earth. 

Weird Wheels

There is so much old artistry etched on the Earth planet including some weird wheel-shaped structures. Perhaps, they date back to 8500 years ago- older than Peru’s geoglyphs known as Nazca Lines. These wheel-shaped designs or spoked designs represent the positioning of the sun’s alignment during the winter solstice. These wheels are also regarded as “works of the old men”. Each wheel varies in design- some spokes radiate from the center, whereas others only have one or two spokes. While some are not even circular, in fact, they are shaped in squares, triangles, or rectangles.

Bulls Eye

One of the wheels in the Middle East looks like a Bull’s eye. It has three triangles pointing towards the eye and has stones piled up in a line that leads to the bull’s eye. All the three triangles pointing towards the bull’s eye have connecting lines of stones running in alignment to the center where it forms a heap.

Phantom Island

Sandy Island is a mysterious place on Earth in the northwest of New Caledonia. This is a black polygon-like figure appearing on Google Earth. It was the year 2012 when the Australian scientists found out about the island that is the size of Manhattan in the South Pacific. However, as they visited the place, they found out there was only open water and no solid ground. 

Riddled with Holes

The Syrian War has put a lot of archaeological sites in danger, including the damages caused to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Those six of the sites are considered as the oldest occupied places on the Earth. Google Earth Images show that the Roman city was pockmarked with the holes dug during the start of the Civil War.

Landlocked Lips

Landlocked Lips is a formation of the hill that is well located in Gharb, Darfur, in Sudan. Want the coordinates to show it to your friends? Well, here they are- 12°22’13.32″N, 23°19’20.18″E. It is formed due to the two rocky ridges that are about half a mile long. The reason behind the formation of such luscious lips is unknown. Some believe that it can be due to the different colors of sand that form into a funny shape.

Cape of Disappointment

Ever wondered about a Cape that does not meet your expectations. Here is a one- Cape of Disappointment. This is situated in Ilwaco, U.S. A mini-series. What do you think- Is this the Disappointment of American Topographies? The name is because when the English captain John Meares visited the place could not locate any rivers’ entrance- thus called the Cape of Disappointment.


Amongst most of the weird names used to name cities and islands, there is one name that can make your day- FAIL. There are about two cities on the Earth named Fail. They are situated above the equator. The northernmost city Fail is a Portuguese parish in the Viseu municipality area. Whereas, the southernmost city named Fail is the Hadramawt region in Yemen. 

Lovers Beach & Divorce Beach

Lovers Beach is a beach that has towering rocks as boundaries and looks really gorgeous. However, it requires a little effort to reach Lovers Beach. The water here is calm and relaxing to swim in. On the other hand, Divorce Beach is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and about five times the size of Lovers Beach. Here the water is really stormy and considered dangerous to swim in. Perhaps, marriages do that to people! Just kidding. Both the beaches are equally attractive.

Lonely Island

Went through a breakup? Or feeling lonely? Why not visit Lonely Island? Maybe, you might find people equally lonely there! The loneliness is in the center of the Kara Sea in the North Arctic Ocean. It stands up to its name as it is cold, barren, and trapped in ice all winters, with the average annual temperatures declining below -16 degrees. 

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